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Coffee lovers unite! This collection of all things coffee will awaken your creativity in projects perfect for the kitchen, novelty accessories, and themed quilts for every java enthusiast. How do you take it? ©Dan Morris

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*EOB1* Rapture Blender 27935-AC Acorn .86YDS


*EOB2* Rapture Blender 27935-AC Acorn - .25 YDS


*EOB3* Rapture Blender 27935-AC Acorn - .35 YD


Barista Coffee 48"x60" Digital Quilt Top


Cleo CM1887 Red - Golden Scratched Texture


Just Sew 29234-Q Stripe Teal


Rapture Blender 27935-QU Sea Spray


Shades 9000 Solid Buck Skin

$7.99 $9.99

Shades 9000 Solid Rust

$7.99 $9.99

Barista 29453-E 24" Block Panel


Barista 29454-E Coffee Toss Cream


Barista 29454-J Coffee Toss Black


Barista 29455-A Coffee Mugs Brown


Barista 29455-E Coffee Mugs Cream


Barista 29455-J Mugs Black


Barista 29457-A Coffee Beans Brown


Barista 29457-E Coffee Beans Cream


Barista 29457-J Coffee Beans Black