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Dry Silicone Spray - 13oz Can #00946

Dry Silicone Spray 

Made by Sullivans in the USA

HAZMAT MATERIAL Silicone Spray creates a super slick, antistatic finish that dries fast with no greasy or oily residue. It makes tables and other surfaces slipper, allowing your fabric to sail over the surface smoothly with no friction or lint buildup. Safe for use on sewing machines and sergers for home hobby or school sewing. Keep difficult to work with fabrics from sticking to the presser foot or work surface when sewing or free motion quilting. Spray directly on to a spool or cone of thread, bobbins, or fabric to help eliminate skipped stitches. Use to lubricate the bobbin case and hook assembly on sewing machines to reduce thread breakage. Dry, odorless, nonstaining, and waxless. Stops squeaking, sticking, and binding. Saves times, protects and preserves equipment. A heatstable product that is unaffected by temperatures ranging from 40 degrees F 40 C to 392 degrees F 200 C. Has unusually low surface tension properties for industrial use. Use on your machine carriage, cutting tables, scissors, and other surfaces like metals, glass, rubber or plastic , even painted finishes and fabrics except polystyrene.